August 14, 2023

Stand Together Spotlights Simone Biles’ Partnership with Friends of the Children

Simone Biles is working with Friends of the Children to help the next generation of youth impacted by foster care

Photo (left to right): Carmi Brown, Ty, Simone Biles, and Shambria Young.

World Champion Gymnast and youth advocate Simone Biles is using her personal experience with foster care to make a difference in the lives of youth impacted by the foster care system. Recently, Stand Together Foundation featured Simone Biles’ partnership with Friends of the Children in a video which highlights the power of paid, professional mentorship as a long-term solution to support youth and families impacted by foster care.

The average youth in foster care stays in the system for over a year and moves homes multiple times. Youth impacted by the foster care system often lack essential stability and guidance in their most formative years. Simone was fortunate to stay connected with her family during her experience, and now she is working with Friends of the Children to support our 12+ years, no matter what commitment to youth and families.

The video highlights Simone’s work to help bring a Friends of the Children chapter to her hometown of Houston, Texas and a special surprise for youth Ty! The story of Friend Shambria Young and Ty exemplifies the importance of having a constant presence in a child's life to help them succeed and realize their potential. Simone is dedicated to inspiring youth to dream big and never give up. We are proud to partner together to empower the next generation to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Read Stand Together’s article here and watch the video below!

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