“I’m proud that I have learned more skills to be better connected to my family” - Youth in Friends of the Children

Putting Children First Every Day

In May we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. For nearly 30 years, our professional mentoring model has specialized in serving children and families who have experienced significant adversity and face systemic obstacles – including barriers to accessing mental health supports.

Love, support, and belonging are critical to mental health and wellbeing. Our paid, professional mentors – Friends – do that and more for the youth in our program: providing stability, consistency, and intention around emotional, behavioral, and mental health support.

More than just the month of May, supporting children’s mental health is at the heart of Friends of the Children’s work every month, every week, and every day of the year.

Supporting Mental Health

Our Work In Mental Health

The Friends of the Children model improves the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of youth in our program. Our paid, professional mentors are equipped to:

Mental Health Stories V5

How a Feeling Wheel Helped Klamath Basin Youth Find a Positive "Head Space"

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Not Just Communicating, but Seeing Eye-to-Eye

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Mental Health Stories Column 2 V2

Working Together to Build a Stronger Village for Children

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Simone Biles Partners with Friends of the Children to Celebrate Youth

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Mental Health Awareness Month

This month Friends of the Children will be sharing weekly stories that show how important it is to support the mental health of youth. To spotlight Mental Health Awareness, we will also be using #MentalHealthMatters and #PutChildrenFirst hashtags on social media. We invite you to join the conversation and to sign up to receive our weekly Mental Health Awareness Month newsletter.

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