June 19, 2023

Stand Together Spotlights Friends of the Children

How Friends of the Children is changing the lives of children with "no matter what” support

Stand Together Foundation partners with the nation’s most transformative nonprofits to break the cycle of poverty and Friends of the Children is honored to be recognized as part of this collective dedicated to changing lives for the better. Recently, Stand Together featured Friends of the Children and the power of paid, professional mentorship as a long-term solution to escape generational poverty.

The video highlights how Friends of the Children is redefining long-term support with our “no matter what” commitment for every child we serve. Terri Sorensen, Friends – National CEO, emphasizes the significance of the model: "We're coming early... and providing a consistent, caring adult for twelve plus years, their whole childhood." By walking alongside youth, our Friends – paid, professional mentors - are able to foster resilience, identify and nurture individual talents, and ensure that youth have the tools and confidence to overcome adversity and reach their dreams.

Stand Together shares Jimmy’s story a graduate from Friends – Portland. Jimmy grew up in a turbulent environment filled with substance abuse and mental health challenges, but when he was introduced to his Friend, John, everything changed. For the first time, Jimmy had an adult who listened to his dreams, guided him through life's ups and downs, and who believed in him. Today, Jimmy works with a successful lawyer in the Portland area, advocating for children in foster care, breaking the cycle of poverty that once seemed inevitable.

Read Stand Together’s article here and watch the video below!

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