December 14, 2023

Simone Biles Highlights Friends of the Children in New CNN Video

Children across the world look up to the World Champion gymnast and youth advocate, Simone Biles, who is also a Friends of the Children ambassador. Simone shared her support for Friends of the Children on CNN in a December 9th special called CNN Heroes: Sharing the Spotlight and the video is now online.

In the video segment, Simone talks with Alisyn Camerota about the work of Friends of the Children and shares her own experience in foster care.

“It’s a part of who I am, and I wouldn’t be here without that part. And hopefully those kids out there listening get to be like, Wow, I can be somebody, and this doesn’t have to hold me back,’’ says Simone. “You can still dream big and do amazing things.”

We are so grateful to Simone for sharing her story and empowering youth to reach for their dreams—her partnership with our organization is changing thousands of lives every day. We also thank CNN and reporter Alisyn Camerota for the opportunity to bring visibility to the work of Friends of the Children and the thousands of resilient youth across the country dreaming big in the face of some of life’s hardest challenges.