November 14, 2023

From Inspiration to Action: Simone Biles' Powerful Partnership

Friends of the Children has been honored to grow our partnership with World Champion gymnast and youth advocate Simone Biles. Over the past year, Simone has passionately engaged with our organization, leveraging her platform to support our model as it empowers youth to transform their lives.

One of the many notable highlights from this year was when Simone unveiled a limited-edition Wheaties box featuring Friends of the Children, bringing national attention to our work. General Mills and Simone hosted the Breakfast of Champions in her hometown of Spring, Texas, celebrating the Wheaties box and the launch of the Friends of the Children - Houston chapter. Her presence and support have energized the Friends of the Children network and have been a powerful boost to our growth.

In February, Simone chose to feature Friends of the Children in Controlling Complexity: Adaptation, a commercial featuring her and cybersecurity company Axonius. Simone used her platform to not only amplify our story, but also surprised us with a $50,000 gift from Axonius! This is one of many examples of Simone’s philanthropy and how she positively leverages her influence to help Friends of the Children maximize our reach and impact.

Simone’s passion for making a difference in the lives of young people shone through when she chose to spotlight Friends of the Children in a People Magazine “Why I Care” story. Her heartfelt advocacy showcased the importance of our work to a national audience. Simone’s unwavering support continued as she shared her work with Friends of the Children in an op-ed with USA Today. In the article, she shed light on the importance of mentorship, creating lasting impact, and being a voice for youth facing the greatest challenges — such as foster care and mental health.

As part of her ongoing dedication, Simone hosted a Zoom call with hundreds of youth in the Friends of the Children program to celebrate National Foster Care Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. Her genuine connection with the youth, as well as her words of encouragement, provided invaluable inspiration to overcome fear and doubt and to never stop dreaming big.

We are incredibly grateful for Simone Biles’ partnership with Friends of the Children. Her support, dedication, and belief in the transformative power of mentorship have made a lasting difference in the lives of youth and families across the country. We look forward to continuing to work together to build a brighter future for every child we serve.


Friends of the Children is thrilled to have World Champion gymnast and youth advocate Simone Biles join us an ambassador to be a champion for children!

Please consider joining Simone Biles in supporting Friends of the Children by making a year-end gift to help youth and families across the country. Any donation you make between now and December 31st will be TRIPLED! That means every $1 you donate turns into $3 to support children.