January 01, 2024

Friends of the Children Honors National Mentoring Month

January marks the start of National Mentoring Month and Friends of the Children is thrilled to be part of this celebration! As we embark on this new year, we are proud to recognize the incredible power of relationships as Friends - paid, professional mentors - empower youth and families across the country.

Our Friends help youth dream big and achieve their goals regardless of the obstacles they may face. Join us this month as we celebrate National Mentoring Month and honor paid, professional mentors who work with youth every day like Friend Lupe who is paired with Jennifer at the Friends of the Children – Austin chapter. Watch the video of Lupe and Jennifer to see the power of building nurturing relationships for 12+ years, no matter what.

Video Thumbnail

As part of the National Mentoring Month campaign, Friends of the Children will be featured on thousands of digital billboards across the country through a partnership with outdoor advertising agency Billups. The billboards will appear in 30+ total cities with 6,000+ traditional outdoor units and 1,000+ digital kiosks/charging stations highlighting National Mentoring Month.

​We are excited to share that throughout January, Friends of the Children’s ad will be featured on The Reef unit in Los Angeles, California. The Reef is the largest, digital display in the world at 40,000 sq feet of digital ad space!

The Reef web