For 30 years, Friends of the Children has matched paid, professional mentors, called Friends, with children who have big dreams. We walk alongside these youth from kindergarten through high school—12+ years, no matter what—in cities, towns, rural areas, and Indigenous communities across the country.

The 2024 Put Children First Pledge is bringing together thousands of people who want to support youth. By signing the pledge, you'll get connected to the work of Friends of the Children and together we can help youth who face some of the hardest things in life like foster care, poverty, housing insecurity, and more.

Why Join? There are no financial commitments or other actions required! We're simply asking you to sign the pledge to stay updated on the incredible work of Friends of the Children, to hear inspiring success stories from across the national network, and to be a part of a community committed to making a difference for youth.

Join Simone Biles in being a Champion for Children to help us move closer to a future where every child in our country who needs a Friend has one:
I pledge to be an advocate for youth in 2024 and to Put Children First. I commit to learning more about how I can empower youth in my community and join Friends of the Children in impacting generational change. Together, we can support children to dream big and to reach for those dreams.
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