March 20, 2023

Friends – Fargo-Moorhead Youth Find a Spark with Dance

Youth perform at Red River Dance & Performing Company’s Winter Recital

In December, the Friends of the Children – Fargo Moorhead team had the pleasure of witnessing an extraordinary performance by some amazing young dancers at the Red River Dance & Performing Company winter recital. These sweet girls enrolled at Friends – Fargo-Moorhead took the stage and danced their hearts out, leaving the audience mesmerized with their grace, poise, and talent.

"Learning to dance with friends has brought Katie* so much joy. She has gotten to taste what it is like to learn something new, work hard to do it well and as a team, and perform in front of others.” said Veronica, Katie’s Friend.

Friends – Fargo-Moorhead is incredibly fortunate to have a partnership with such an amazing organization that provides these young dancers with the opportunity to experience the gift of movement and dance. The best part? It's all done at no cost to the children! The winter recital was a truly magical event, and it was clear to see how much joy and pride these dancers had in their performances. They worked hard and it showed in every step, every twirl, and every smile.

Veronica shared other ways dance has helped Katie, “it has been so fun to watch this happen and how it is helping her in other areas of her life. Learning to read has been really hard but, as we talk about practice and how learning to dance is hard yet rewarding, she has been able to connect that with working hard to learn to read."

The incredible relationship with Red River Dance & Performing Company is a testament to the power of collaboration and the amazing things we can achieve when we work together. Friends – Fargo-Moorhead is grateful to have organizations like the Red River Dance & Performing Company working together to provide these youth with an opportunity to find their spark and explore their passions!

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