2018-2019 Impact Report

Finding Belonging with Friends

We are pleased to share our 2018–2019 Impact Report, which celebrates our amazing youth and their families. We are continually inspired by their stories of finding belonging and community through their relationships with their Friends. We are honored to acknowledge our youth’s hard work and excited to support more youth as we continue to expand. Thank you for supporting our work. To read the full report click on the cover image below:

2018-2019 Impact Report


The Friend Effect: James heads to college with social capital
Building Trust with Families: Sara's Story
Raising Twins: A positive relationship with Friends
Highlights Impact Report


Building on a solid foundation, we are excited to continue growing our impact through three specific strategies.

Scaling Strategies Impact Report

Strategy 1: Scaling New and Existing Chapters through our National Expansion Campaign

Through catalytic capital aggregation and growing evidence on the efficacy of our model, we have added 15 locations over the past seven years – five this year alone. Our $32 million network now includes 20 locations, and we are poised to scale to 25 locations by 2025. With additional communities at work to raise the seed capital to launch, we continue to pursue our expansion goals relentlessly to achieve our vision that one day all children who need a Friend will have one.

Map with Potential Sites

Strategy 2: Scaling Our Two-Generation (2Gen) Innovation

In response to the needs of our youth and families, and upon invitation from cross-sector leaders, we are piloting and expanding our Two-Generation (2Gen) innovation. Our goal by 2025 is to scale our 2Gen pilots across the Friends of the Children network, tracking progress on youth and caregiver intermediate and long-term outcomes. Through our 2Gen work we are committing to empowering youth and families to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Strategy 3: Scaling Collaborative Partnerships through Systems Change

In response to the needs of our major systems, like child welfare, education, and juvenile justice, Friends of the Children is scaling our collaborative partnerships through systems change. Through partnerships with government agencies, we are embedding our model into existing service continuums to achieve better results for our youth and families. Our relationship-based approach, lasting longer than most programs, is challenging public systems to think beyond short-term, transactional approaches to achieve long-term, sustainable results.


Youth accomplishments and progress toward our collaborative goals are tracked regularly.

We are equal parts head and heart. We’re incredibly proud of the accomplishments our youth achieve – both big and small. We are also data driven so that we can give our best to the youth we serve.

Long-Term Outcomes

With over 26 years of data and outcomes to support the efficacy of our model, we’re excited to continue to scale across the country and share the amazing stories of our youth.

Long Term Outcomes Impact Report

Intermediate Outcomes

To ensure that youth are on track to reach our long-term outcomes, we support youth to achieve their own goals within 5 intermediate outcomes areas: Social and Emotional Development, School Success, Improved Health, Making Good Choices, and Plans and Skills for the Future. We are proud of our youth for their achievements this year.

Intermediate Outcomes Impact Report


"When I see how the Friends of the Children model is expanding across the country, it's great that there are focus areas based on the city. It's not just a cookie cutter approach; it's customized to the needs of the city and the community." - Karie Conner, Friends of the Children Board Member; Vice President and General Manager, Men's Division, Jordan Brand, Nike.

National Board of Directors Impact Report


Financials Impact Report


Funders Thank You Impact Report


We use our values to make informed decisions; to hire, coach, and manage; and most importantly, we use our values to change the way the world treats and views our most vulnerable youth.

Our Values Impact Report


Impacting generational change by empowering youth who are facing the greatest obstacles through relationships with professional mentors - 12+ years, no matter what.