Dr. Tarece Johnson-Morgan

Chief Officer of Belonging, Culture, & Equity

Originally from Houston, Texas, Tarece L. Johnson moved to Puerto Rico to attend La Universidad del Sagrado Corazon, where she earned her BA. She went on to achieve an MPA at Columbia University, an MBA at Emory University, and an EdD in Educational Leadership and Management at Capella University.

As a result of her doctoral studies, Tarece created The Global Purpose Approach, which is an educational resource designed to ensure that individuals acquire the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to become effective, compassionate, and empathetic global citizens. Her love for teaching and mentoring children led her to create Global Purpose Academy and co-create a school in Central America.

As a public figure, Tarece aims to make a difference in her community and the world through antiracism and anti-hate education. She believes that justice, love, and art can bring peace to our world. Tarece lives in the Atlanta metro area with her two children and their pets and is active in the Jewish community. Tarece loves to share quality time with her family, painting, dancing, and yoga. She speaks Spanish, French, and modern Hebrew.

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