Catherine Gryniewicz

Human Resources Manager

Catherine Gryniewicz has 30 plus years of business and leadership experience working in profit, nonprofit, service, and educational settings. Her focus has been in Human Resources with a focus on being of service. Along with Catherine’s collaborative communication, her critical thinking and problem-solving skills help bridge gaps to establish relationships while focusing on taking steps forward in mission, vision, and engagement.

Catherine is a continuous learner and believes in teaching people how to fish. Catherine has been an adjunct instructor for several public and private colleges, and the Diocese of Green Bay’s ministry program. She has achieved a Bachelor of Science in Food Science; Master of Business Administration; and an Associate of Veterinary Technology.

Catherine brings her passion to enhance the lives of humans through their dogs by providing dogs the opportunity to exercise their mind, body, and spirit. She loves teaching children about the joy of discovery by watching dogs use their nose, in scent work, to find something they love. She volunteered in the startup of an animal emergency clinic in Milwaukee for two years. Catherine seeks to make a positive difference in people’s lives, even if she is just standing in line at the grocery store. In her spare time, you will find Catherine camping in a yurt with her two German Shepherds.

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