Dan Saltzman

Commissioner, City of Portland, Oregon (Retired)

Portland, OR

Dan Saltzman has recently retired from his fifth term as a Portland City Commissioner. In his nearly 25 years of public service to Multnomah County and the City of Portland he has been the Commissioner in Charge of over 15 city bureaus and offices. He most recently oversaw Portland Fire & Rescue, Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, Bureau of Emergency Communications, Fire & Police Disability and Retirement Fund, Portland Children's Levy, and the Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Services.

Dan was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Beaverton High School, received a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University, and an M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He spent many years in the private sector as the principal in an environmental engineering firm. He also served as a staff assistant to Congressman (now Senator) Ron Wyden.

Dan served as Multnomah County Commissioner from 1993-1998 and has also served on the Board of Directors for Portland Community College. Dan's focus continues to be the well-being of our children and families, protecting Portland's natural and economic environment to achieve a more sustainable future, as well as enhancing public safety and opportunity for all Portlanders.

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