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Friends for Children in Foster Care

Friends of the Children has a proven model that works. Why reinvent the wheel?

For the second year in a row, Friends of the Children presented at the National MENTOR Summit in Washington, DC. This year, we highlighted the success of our affiliate, Friends of the Children | Eckerd – Tampa Bay. Having embedded our Generational Change Model within Eckerd, both organizations have been able to leverage each other's resources to select children from the foster care system to have a Friend for 12.5 years. Eckerd provides the most vulnerable children in the foster care system with a Friend, and the entire Friends of the Children network benefits from Eckerd's decades of experience working in the child welfare system.

We openly share our best practices to provide children facing the highest risks with the tools and resources to create new stories for themselves. We are focused on collaborative partnerships, presentations, conferences, and key dialogues.