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Kevin's Story

I Am Free

“Once I was grounded for 9 months straight without parole or reason. My Mother would take my internship checks from Friends of the Children that I painstakingly earned. She called it ‘budgeting’. I called it ‘stealing’. I was locked out of my house for working at my job and going to school. I was even denied food. The longest I went without food was four days. My Friend Darren said, ‘Prove them wrong.’”

Kevin graduated from high school with a 3.45 GPA, and received numerous college scholarships. Now, he attends Oregon State University, where he majors in Computer Science Engineering. He acts in plays, writes poetry, is a RA, and can include Dormitory President on his growing resume.

“Thanks to Friends of the Children...I am a happy kid. I’m excited about the future. I am free.”