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Chapter Growth

Expansion to South Bronx

For the past 14 years, Friends of the Children New York has been transforming the lives of the most vulnerable youth in Harlem. The New York Chapter has a plan to grow by 40% over the next three years. In Fall 2014, the Chapter opened a second site in the South Bronx. Interviewed before the ribbon cutting, Dr. Bob Houck, Chapter executive director, expressed:

“We are very eager to bring our life-changing program to the children and community of the South Bronx, where more than a quarter-million of South Bronx residents live in poverty, marking it one of the poorest areas in the United States.”

With generous donations from The Pinkerton Foundation and The Price Family Foundation, among others, the site opened with 36 kindergartners. Youth visit the space to study, spend time with their salaried, professional Friends, and participate in activities geared toward building necessary life-skills. Learn more about Friends of the Children New York and its expansion here.