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Generational Change through Affiliates

Aida is the grandmother of Kaden, a child selected from foster care to have a Friend. Aida believes there was a change in Kaden from the first day his Friend Justin began working with him. After one month, Aida feels the positivity of Justin’s support. Now, when Kaden has a bad day at school, she reminds him that he was good in other ways, leading to a shift in Kaden’s reaction and acting out.

Kaden lives in Tampa Bay, Florida, where Friends of the Children's "Generational Change Model" is embedded within Eckerd, Tampa Bay’s lead agency for community-based child welfare services. Launched with the support of state dollars that cover the cost during a child's stay in foster care, subsequent years will leverage the public support to raise private funding to maintain the program through graduation. The affiliate supports 8 Friends who serve 64 children (ages 5 and 6), selected directly from the foster care system. Friends of the Children continues to seek affiliate organizations to embed the model, providing more vulnerable children with a Friend.