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Friends of the Children launched new chapter that will pair children facing the greatest obstacles from Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo with a salaried, professional mentor, called a Friend, from kindergarten through high school graduation - 12+ years. No matter what. Beginning this fall 2019, we will invite children whose families have faced significant challenges - like homelessness, substance use, or foster care - to join our program.

In both North Dakota and Minnesota, the number of youth experiencing foster care is increasing. On any given day in the Fargo-Moorhead region, at least 50 children ages 4-6 are in foster care. Parental substance abuse is now the leading reason for a child's placement in foster care in North Dakota and Minnesota. 1 in 5 people who are homeless in Fargo and Moorhead are children. These challenges create obstacles that challenge a youth’s ability to be successful in school and in life. 

For over 26 years, Friends of the Children has empowered thousands of youth and families across the country to overcome those obstacles and change their stories through the unconditional commitment of a consistent, long-term relationship with a caring adult.


Beginning this fall 2019, Friends—Fargo-Moorhead will partner with local community-based organizations to invite children whose families have faced significant challenges – like homelessness, substance use, or foster care – to join our program.

Each child enrolled in the program will be paired with a salaried, professional mentor, called a Friend. For 12+ years, from kindergarten through high school graduation, Friends work with their youth in schools, at home, and in the community for 3-4 hours each week to build skills like problem-solving, perseverance, and self-management. These skills empower youth to pursue and achieve their goals in school and in life.

Please note: A full website will launch in late fall 2019. Please check back here for updates until then. 


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John Fisher earned his bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University in Religious Studies and Psychology; he then earned his graduate degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. 

John’s nonprofit story starts as a junior in college when he and a close circle of friends founded a non-profit youth organization.  It was during this time that the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for bettering communities and developing people was first sparked. That passion solidified as he worked with youth in church-based ministries in Tennessee and Kentucky.  This desire to impact communities brought John and, his wife, Abby to North Dakota. John started three churches, grew the attendance, and recruited leaders to help. All the while, he worked in the non-profit sector.  He was a program coordinator with the YMCA in school-based programs for almost six years developing youth, staff, and families. From there, he worked in a CNCS grant at NDSU as a program director. For the last three and a half years John has served as the Executive Director of CHARISM, a neighborhood-based non-profit serving youth through mentoring. He serves on the board of the Badges of Unity project, Young Professionals Network, Youth Improvement Board, and Kiwanis. 

John just began his journey with Friends of the Children as the Executive Director of the newest chapter in Fargo. The future of Friends of the Children in Fargo is bright and John is thrilled to lead the movement to ensure that every child in Fargo and in Moorhead that needs a Friend, has a Friend. 


John Fisher

Executive Director


Friends of the Children — Fargo-Moorhead 

200 45th St. S, Suite 200

Fargo, ND 58103