Please read all instructions and complete the steps listed before filling out the support ticket form.

1. Social Solutions has made some recent updates to make ETO browser neutral and no longer only 100% compatible with Internet Explorer. ETO now works with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

2. For Program Directors and Program Managers, the Participant Match feature is the only ETO task that still has to be completed in Internet Explorer. When you are creating, editing, or ending Participant Matches between Friends and their youth, you'll need to continue using Internet Explorer for these tasks.

3. If you are using a Mac computer, you'll need to download a Google Chrome Extension called IE Tab. Use the ETO Internet Explorer Plug-in Checklist.

4. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser and are encountering issues, please go through the steps on the ETO Checklist. Complete all of the steps and then logout of ETO, close/quit your Internet Explorer browser, re-open Internet Explorer, and log back into ETO.